Wheel Repair

Carsmetics accident repair services cover more than your auto body. Your wheels are where the rubber hits the road. You scrape-a curb or have a minor car accident and, all of a sudden, your beautiful wheels don’t look so good.

It’s hard to find an auto body shop that offers quick and affordable wheel repair and refinishing. Fortunately, the experienced technicians at Carsmetics can provide express rim repair services – often in less than a day.

So before you buy a new wheel for your car, stop by your nearest Carsmetics location. In many cases, we can undo the damage to your aluminum wheels fast, flawlessly, and for less.

Contact Us for Wheel Repair

At Carsmetics, we are committed to providing our customers with superior rim repair services. Contact your nearest Carsmetics location to learn more about our Wheel Repair services. We promise to fix your car on time, for less – just like new.