Top Selling Cars in Florida

top selling cars in florida

We break down the top selling cars in Florida. Japanese cars reign supreme in South Florida, as sedans from two top-tier Japanese automakers hold the top four positions in a ranking of new car registrations in the first half of 2017. The top Japanese powerhouse vehicles registered in early 2017, per a study conducted by the Sun Sentinel, include:

1. Toyota Corolla, 5,399

2. Honda Accord, 3,617

3. Toyota Camry, 3,258

4. Honda Civic, 3,224

The study notes that South Floridians have a predilection for small and midsize cars compared to states in the middle of the U.S., which prefer big vehicles and models like the Chevy Silverado and Chrysler Ram. A key factor  of top selling cars in the discrepancy is Florida’s temperate climate, as most roads are paved and residents don’t need to deal with snow and rough terrain compared to other states.

Picks of Top Selling Cars for Hurricane Season

Floridians also choose smaller sedans because of their superior gas mileage, which is useful during hurricane season when gas prices can jump due to storm complications and interruptions in business. Honda and Toyota’s hybrid SUV and crossovers make great alternatives of top selling cars to trucks because they still offer ample room for storage while benefitting from better gas mileage than trucks and pickups do.

The dependability of Japanese automakers has solidified their dominance in the region for decades. Their reliability and affordability during the Great Recession earned Floridians’ trust during a time of economic instability. Get Your Vehicle Repaired or Tuned with Carsmetics! Japanese vehicles are known for their dependability and craftsmanship, however, they’re not impervious to the weather, user error or other drivers’ recklessness.

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Florida Auto Repair

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