Returning Your Vehicle at the End of a Lease

Leasing your vehicle may have sounded like a good idea when you first got it, but returning a vehicle at the end of a lease is where most people experience the negatives of leasing a car. Here are some things to keep in my mind when returning your vehicle at the end of its lease and what you can do to ensure a smooth return process.

An important aspect of returning a leased car is ensuring that you took care of the car throughout the duration of your ownership. Some dealerships may refuse to accept a leased car if there are too many scratches, upholstery stains, dents, or damaged parts. The leasing company can charge the owner for damages they believe exceeds normal wear and tear.

Excessive wear and tear are classified as spending more than the average amount of money to refurbish the vehicle for:

  • Mechanical problems
  • Dents, dings, and scrapes
  • Window cracks, stars, or excessive pitting
  • Abnormal or excessive wear to tires or body of the car

Once you’ve spruced up your vehicle’s appearance you can schedule an inspection report with the dealership. Before the inspector arrives, clear your car of all personal belongings and trash to present your car in the best light possible. An inspector independent from the dealership or manufacturer will be assigned to look over your vehicle. Upon completion, the inspector will compile a report of damages that the lease owner must pay before the vehicle can be accepted. Performing the initial inspection months before the due date of the lease provides time to fix any egregious damages.

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