Paintless Dent Removal Made Easy with Carsmetics

May 1, 2017 – Taking care of your car is about more than just keeping it washed and changing the oil. A responsible car owner will also want to take care of any minor dents or dings that happen to their vehicle. Maybe your teenage “new driver” backed into your car in the driveway or a flying object hit your car and dented a door panel – or perhaps you bought or inherited a used car that had a dent from the previous owner.

In many situations, minor dents and bumps can be fixed easily without filing an insurance claim. There are a growing number of companies in Florida and other states that specialize in “paintless dent repair,” a new method of auto body repair that saves significant time and cost.

The Old Method of Dent Repair

Previously, a dented bumper would require removing the part from the car and sanding off the paint to expose the damaged area. The dent would have to be drilled and the holes pulled out and filled, then the area would have to be prepped and repainted to match. This is a labor-intensive process that also takes time for the paint to cure and dry.

Paintless Dent Repair: A New Solution

Fortunately, advances in auto body repair technology have made it possible to repair damaged bumpers and other body panels without the need to sand and repaint! Skilled technicians can use heat for urethane parts and metal rods and body picks to push out dents in aluminum and steel body panels. The flexible agents added to modern automotive paints allow the panel to be shaped without being re-painted, in many cases.

While Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is typically used for smaller dents, it can be used on dents up to several inches across as long as the paint and sheet metal are not stretched. Only an experienced auto body technician will be able to determine the appropriate repair method.

Expert Dent Removal in Tampa, F

If your car has a dent as the result of a collision or bumped into a stationary object such as a light pole or fire hydrant, you want to get it repaired quickly and without a lot of hassle. Carsmetics has been doing exactly that for 20 years. Their skilled specialists are experienced in repairing drivable vehicles, without the high costs and long repair times of a traditional auto body shop. In most cases, repairs are completed within a day, so you can get on with your life!