Paint Color Matching

Here at Carsmetics, paint color matching is an exact science.

Whether you come to us for dent repair, scratch removal or scrape repair, our combination of Axalta automotive paints and advanced technology enables us to restore your car to its natural color and finish – without guesswork.

First, we take a 3-D spectrophotometer image of your car. Then we download the photo into our computer and cross-reference it with your VIN (vehicle identification number) to determine the correct paint formula. Finally, we use our computerized measuring system to create the exact match for your car’s original color.

Why do we rely on Axalta automotive paint? Because it:

  • Matches every imaginable color
  • Made from strong materials to help prevent chips and scratches
  • Available in primer, basecoats and clear coats for comprehensive auto repair coverage
  • Designed for both plastic and metal cars, so any auto paint repair can be completed with Axalta automotive paints

And with Axalta Cromax Pro waterborne products, we can reduce solvent emissions for a cleaner environment.

Protective, attractive and precise – nobody knows Axalta like Carsmetics expert accident repair.

Contact Us for Expert Paint Color Matching

At Carsmetics, we are committed to providing our customers with superior car repair services. Contact your nearest Carsmetics location to learn more about our paint color matching services. We promise to fix your car on time, for less – just like new.