Inspecting Your Car After a Repair

inspecting your car after a repair

When you take in your vehicle for repairs, you expect the job to be done correctly the first time. Unfortunately, people sometimes make mistakes and not all businesses are as reputable as they seem. Before driving away from any dealership or automotive body shop, take the time to inspect your vehicle and ensure your repair was done properly. Here are some of the easiest and most important things to look out for when inspecting your car after a repair.

Check the Paint

One of the things to look out for when inspecting your car after a repair is the paint job. Chances are the damaged area of your vehicle will need a new coat of paint. One of the most difficult jobs in a body shop, and one of the easiest errors to spot, is color-matching the new paint with that of the original paint color. It takes an experienced professional to get an exact match and even then, the repair color might be a little off. While most automotive repair teams try their best, some shops do the bare minimum. Be on the lookout for obviously mismatched paint colors and don’t trust anyone who claims the paint jobs will “even out over time.” The same lack of care can be evident in the quality of the paint job. A careful mechanic will cover bumpers or other parts of the vehicle to protect them from stray paint before applying any new coats. Examine the area around the repaired section to see if any paint ended up where it shouldn’t have.

Properly Aligned Body and Equipment

Your vehicle likely won’t be the only one in the shop. With multiple repairs to complete, the mechanics who performed your repair were probably under a strict time crunch. Because of this, it’s possible that not all of your bodywork or equipment was reinstalled the same way it was found. When you sit in your vehicle for the first time after the repair, check your wipers, turn signals, power windows, and locks to ensure they are working properly. Make sure no new error lights have appeared on your dashboard! Be sure to also closely examine any new body panels that were installed on your vehicle. Manufacturers design their vehicles to have almost invisible panel gaps between separate pieces of the body, ensuring safety and uniformity. A mechanic who rushed the job might not have set the panel as closely or carefully as the manufacturer intended.

Additionally, when it comes to inspecting your car after a repair, it’s crucial to pay attention to the details. Ensure that the repair work has been carried out to your satisfaction and that your vehicle is in its optimal condition. This thorough inspection will help you identify any potential issues and give you peace of mind knowing that your car has been properly repaired.

Inspecting Your Car After a Repair in Tampa

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