Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Are Your Headlights Hazy?

Most, if not all, modern cars are equipped with headlight housings that are made of plastic. Over time, these headlights can take on a hazy, blurred, faded, or yellowed appearance caused by UV exposure from the sun. These oxidized or sun-damaged headlights are not just unsightly, they are also a safety hazard. Sun-damaged headlights often have a significant reduction in light output, which can make night driving more dangerous.

We Make Your Headlights Bright Again

The experts auto body technicians at Carsmetics are highly trained in professional headlight restoration service, and can help make your old lenses as bright as ever – in the blink of an eye. Having your car’s headlamps professionally cleaned and polished will enhance the visual appearance and safety of your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of having the parts replaced.

Come into any Carsmetics location where we will inspect the lenses of your car and give you a firm, free, guaranteed quote – and maybe even fix it while you wait.

Trusted Headlight Restoration Services

At Carsmetics, we are committed to providing our customers with superior car repair services. Contact your nearest Carsmetics location to learn more about our headlight restoration services. We promise to fix your car on time, for less – just like new.