Hail Damage Repair

There’s nothing worse than a pockmarked car. Even small hailstones can cause countless dents and dings, leaving your vehicle looking like the surface of the moon. Carsmetics’ paintless dent removal service can make it look as smooth as glass.

The benefit of paintless dent removal is that it doesn’t require sanding, painting or replacement. Instead, our skilled specialists use the latest techniques and equipment to gently massage the dents away and return the car’s exterior to its original beauty. Repairing minor hail damage is usually a quick process – and it’s much more affordable than painting and/or replacing the dented panel.

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At Carsmetics, we are committed to providing our customers with superior car repair services. Contact your nearest Carsmetics location to learn more about our hail damage repair services. We promise to fix your car on time, for less – just like new.