How to Protect Your Car During a Hurricane

If you’ve lived in a hurricane-prone area before, you already know the right preparation can go a long way towards preventing costly damage to your home. But did you know there are also ways you can protect your car from harsh hurricane damage? You may not be able to completely avoid all potential harm,... Read More

Top Selling Cars in Florida

We break down the top selling cars in Florida. Japanese cars reign supreme in South Florida, as sedans from two top-tier Japanese automakers hold the top four positions in a ranking of new car registrations in the first half of 2017. The top Japanese powerhouse vehicles registered in early 2017, per a study conducted... Read More

Inspecting Your Car After a Repair

When you take in your vehicle for repairs, you expect the job to be done correctly the first time. Unfortunately, people sometimes make mistakes and not all businesses are as reputable as they seem. Before driving away from any dealership or automotive body shop, take the time to inspect your vehicle and ensure your... Read More

Returning Your Vehicle at the End of a Lease

Leasing your vehicle may have sounded like a good idea when you first got it, but returning a vehicle at the end of a lease is where most people experience the negatives of leasing a car. Here are some things to keep in my mind when returning your vehicle at the end of its... Read More

The Facts About Rear-End Collosions

Almost everyone has their own story about being in a rear-end collision, whether they were at fault or the victim. These kinds of collisions happen to millions of drivers each year and often result in costly damages. Fortunately, modern automotive construction and safety technologies are not only reducing the frequency of rear-end collisions but... Read More

Why You Should Think Twice Before Polishing Your Own Headlights

The Origin of Plastic Headlights The earliest headlights were introduced in the late 1880s and were fueled by acetylene or oil. Electric headlights came onto the market only a few years later in 1898, as optional additions to the Electric Vehicle Company’s Columbia Electric Car. Cadillac was the first to create the modern vehicle... Read More