Things to Watch Out for At Auto Body Shops throughout Florida and Southern California

When you get in a car accident, the headaches can go far beyond any physical damage you may sustain. You need to get your car fixed, and picking a place you trust out of all the auto body shops in Florida and parts of southern California can be exhausting.

You want to find one that will do an outstanding job on your collision repairs without charging you an arm and a leg to do so. You don’t want to pay for costly repairs you don’t need, but at the same time you don’t want to sacrifice a quality repair by going to the cheapest shop you can find. Thankfully, there are some things you can consider when you are researching auto body shops in your area. Some things to watch out for when you visit or speak with body shops include: ·Guarantees – Surprisingly, some auto body shops do not offer solid guarantees. Many that are offered become void as soon as you drive the car off the shop’s property. Research the guarantees the auto body shop you are looking at offers, and make sure they have a reputation of honoring them. · Certifications – Are the auto body repair technicians certified to work on your type of vehicle? A luxury sports car requires different kinds of repairs than a rugged pick-up truck. Make sure that the shop you are researching is qualified to work on your car, or else it may end up costing you down the road. · Prices – Many auto body shops offer competitive estimates in order to keep up with their competitors. However, these prices are not guaranteed. Estimates are just that – a guess. The actual price of your repair work can go up significantly once they begin work on your car. Make sure you get an exact quote from the shop, or else move on to the next. · Availability – The anxiety of being in an accident is enough to worry about on its own, let alone the hassle of having to wonder when you will get your car back. The auto body shop you work with should be able to work around your schedule and get your car back to in you in like-new condition in a timely manner that works for you. When you choose Carsmetics auto body repair shops for all your collision repair needs you never have to worry about any of these things. Our technicians are excellence-certified to work on any car, and we can often have your car ready for you the day you drop it off depending on the severity of the damage. We offer free exact quotes so that you know up front how much your repairs will cost, and if you aren’t happy with our work you won’t pay a penny until you are 100% satisfied. Bring your car into one of our 17 conveniently located auto body shops throughout Florida and the southern California region. We will be able to help you with your collision repairs quickly and reliably whether you live in Tampa, Naples, Jacksonville, Costa Mesa, Lake Forest, and beyond.