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Welcome to Carsmetics auto body shop location in Charlotte! We are pleased to offer our extraordinary auto body repair services to the Charlotte and surrounding areas in Myers Park, Dilworth, Quail Hollow, Ballantyne and Charlotte’s South End.

Quite often when a vehicle is involved in an accident it usually does not have functional damage limiting the driving of the vehicle, but chances are it will have cosmetic damage. That’s where our new location of Carsmetics auto body repair shop can come in handy.

Carsmetics has grown to become a national presence, and we still provide the expert knowledge in auto body repair services that you can trust. We continue to enjoy serving our satisfied customers day after day.

We’ve been called “the cleanest,” “the most convenient” and “the most hospitable” auto body repair shop our customers have experienced. This is because we believe strongly in providing a quality experience on top of exceptional results you’ll receive for your vehicle repairs.

Most auto body repair damage can be finished in one to two days with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. At our new Charlotte auto collision repair location we offer the following auto body services:

  • Expert Accident Repair and Paintless Dent Repair – Most dealerships prefer to replace parts instead of repairing them, which can be more costly to the customer. At Carsmetics, we specialize in repairing existing parts, so can we emphasize on saving you money.
  • Small or large auto body repair damage—we can restore it. We can affordably remove dents where paint is not scratched or near the edge of a panel. Our technicians used advanced digital camera technology to match the color of your vehicle correctly and to perfection.
  • High-Quality DuPont Paint – Carsmetics uses high-quality DuPont products to give that optimum end result you want for your vehicle. We guarantee the finish for as long as you own the vehicle. By using “water-based” paints, our Carsmetics auto body shop is being environmentally friendly while also providing you an exceptional outcome.
  • Scratch Removal – In a matter of hours we can remove any scratch, whether it is superficial (resting on the clear coat or base paint) or deep scratches that may extend into the primer or even the metal.
  • Headlight Restoration – One of the main factors of car accidents is night driving. The danger is significantly increased if your headlight lenses are dulled and discolored. At Carsmetics, our auto body repair shop technicians are highly trained in restoring visibility to those lenses, to help enhance your safety while you drive.
  • Hail Damage Repair – Hailstorms are a nightmare, and they can cause countless dings and dents that ruin the appearance of your car. Let the professionals at Carsmetics remove those unsightly dents and get your car looking brilliant again.
  • Wheel Repair – We aren’t just an auto body repair shop, as we also fix wheel damage that can be caused by curb scratches or other road elements. We can refinish the wheels on your vehicle in no time, having rims and wheels looking incredible all over again.

In addition to auto body repair, other services Carsmetics offers include:

  • GE Financing Alternative – A 6- or 12-month, “0”% interest / no money down financing alternative is available for qualified applicants, providing an affordable way to keep your vehicle looking like new, “now.”
  • Rental Vehicles – We provide customers with reasonably priced rental vehicles, with pick-up and delivery right at the service center. It’s a convenient option for customers that are in need of transportation while their vehicle is receiving auto body repair services.
  • Gift Certificates – A great idea if you have friends, family, coworkers or anyone you know that maybe in need of vehicle repair, we offer gift cards to help with the expenses.

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