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Though 70% of vehicles involved in accidents can still be driven, there is usually cosmetic damage that has an effect on a vehicle’s appearance. Choosing a place to repair your car can take some time. Carsmetics is an auto body repair shop that is known for convenience, affordability and an easy process for its customers.

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Since opening its auto body shop’s doors in 1997 in Florida, Carsmetics has repaired thousands of satisfied customers’ vehicles. It has since grown into a national business, and continues to be known as the auto body repair experts that you can trust.

Customers like to say that our business is “the cleanest,” “the most convenient,” and “most hospitable” auto body repair shop they have ever experienced. Providing a quality experience and an exceptional repair for your automobile is our promise. Carsmetics auto body repair shops aim to make your repair experience more convenient and enjoyable; that’s why we offer quick turnaround times and free Wi-Fi and a coffee bar.

Carsmetics offers other services besides auto body repair:
•    Se Hablá Español 

•    GE Financing Alternative – We provide a 6- or 12-month, “0” %-interest / no-money-down financing alternative for those qualified, so we can provide you with an inexpensive way to make sure your vehicle looks like new, “now.”

•    Rental Vehicles – Customers in need have access to our affordable rental vehicles, with convenient pick-up and delivery right at our service center.

•    Gift Certificates – We have gift cards for the friends, family, co-workers or anyone you know that could use some help with their auto body repair expenses.

Most of our quality auto body repair services can be finished within 1 to 2 days, guaranteeing a 100% satisfaction rate. The auto body services we provide are:

•    Expert Accident Repair and Paintless Dent Repair – At a Carsmetics auto body repair shop we believe in repairing parts versus the standard replacement of parts that most dealerships prefer, which is more costly. We want you to save more of your hard-earned money.

  • We fix small to large auto body repair damage, and have an affordable dent removal process.  If paint is not deeply scratched or near the edge of a panel, we provide a paintless dent repair by blending the original paint.  If touch up painting or paint blending is required, advanced digital camera technology is used by our technicians to perfectly match the color of your car.

•    High-Quality DuPont Paint – Carsmetics uses high-quality Dupont products to ensure that you get the optimum look for your vehicle. We guarantee the finish for as long as you own your vehicle. By using “water-based” paints, Carsmetics strives to be environmentally friendly while also providing an exceptional match.

•    Scratch Removal – In only a matter of hours we can remove those scratches, regardless if they are superficial (on the clear coat or base paint) or deep (extend to the primer or even metal).

•    Headlight Restoration – Night driving can be dangerous, and is known to be one of the main causes of automobile accidents. As your car ages, the headlight lenses can discolor and become dulled. At Carsmetics, our auto body repair shop technicians are highly trained in the restoration of visibility to your headlights, giving you increased clarity and safety while driving.

•    Hail Damage Repair – Hail can be disastrous for the appearance of a vehicle, as it can cause countless dents and dings. Let the professionals at Carsmetics restore your car to its original form, and remove the hail damage.

•    Wheel Repair – Carsmetics isn’t just an auto body shop. We also fix wheel damage caused by curb scratches and other road elements. We can refinish the wheels on your vehicle and have them looking incredible in no time.


Carl - Angie's List - July, 2012

Initially my visit was to only receive a quote for the work and make a decision at a later time. The quote, however, was very reasonable so I informed the manager that I'd return the next day with the vehicle when I could arrange for a ride for the return trip home. Instead, he arranged for my use of a rental vehicle while repairs were performed---at the company's expense. Less than 2 days later the repair work was completed and the SUV looked great--with perfect paint matching on a 6-year old vehicle. Further, I casually commented at the time the quote was provided that I intended to have the interior detailed extensively after the exterior work is completed so the vehicle looked good for my newly-licensed daughter. The manager later passed this along to the store owner as my vehicle was being repaired, and the store owner arranged for a local car wash/detail company nearby to perform the interior detailing at Carsmetics expense. Wow. Needless to say, Carsmetics exceeded my expectations in a big way. I highly recommend using Carsmetics if you have a need for its services. This is a very professsional and well-managed company.

Linda - Angie's List - April, 2012

Very easy process - drop off the car first thing in the morning and pick it up at the end of the day. (Of course if you need more extensive work, one day might not be enough time.) But I would highly recommend them and will definitely use their services again for any future scratch or painting needs. My car looks great. I kept hearing positive reviews about Carsmetics and everyone was right.

Bob - Google 1 year ago

Great work, best price 7/30/2010 - Just had my 02 Lexus bumpers repaired/replaced at Carsmetics. They were fast, best price in the area, and did a fantastic job. Bob

Armando - Google - 2 years ago

Excellent Service and Great Price! I went to Carsmetics for a quote on a new bumper for my vehicle. They explained what I needed and were very friendly, they even offered to provide a rental while my car was being repaired. I dropped my vehicle off at 8:00am, and by 5:00pm that afternoon I got a call that it was ready! I couldn't believe the quick turnaround. They even washed my car! There were no extra charges or hidden fees; I paid exactly what I was quoted (which was far less than the other repair shop down the street). I will be recommending this place to everyone.

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