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Kyler N. from Laguna Nigel, CA  10/8/2014 - (5 Stars)*

I came here after I accidentally backed into a parked car and cracked my custom bumper. After reading the stellar reviews, I stopped by to get a quote on the repair. Man, their prices are competitive! 

Knowing that they had great support and an unbeatable price, I pulled the trigger. Jesse and Dave are both extremely cool guys, and they were very knowledgeable when assessing my damage. They explained exactly how they would fix the damage, and that was enough for me.

When it came time to pick up the car, I was speechless by the perfect color match. In addition, the paint quality was even better than before. The paint felt harder, whereas the shop I had it done earlier felt soft.
A five star just always be well earned. One of my sensors got shifted and began going off after driving it home. Dave said to bring it in two hours before the shop was even open so that he could knock it out. Now that's outstanding customer support!

Brielle B. Dana from Point CA 9/22 /2014 - (5 stars)*

I love my Mercedes & was sad when I scratched it up by backing into a painted pole in a parking lot.  It didn't do much of a dent, however, it scratched paint off the back side bumper.  
I was hesitate to turn it into my auto insurance since I had a $500 deductible. And I did.  (I also learned a lesson, do not turn something readily into insurance until for sure you know you want it fixed bc they will forever keep it on record).  
I went to two autobody shops in the area approved by my insurance.  One quoted me $775 & the other $1200. So for months, I drove around with this 6 inch scratched up area on my bumper & every day I would see it (the damaged area).  
Finally it got to be too much for me and I drove it to Carsmetics in Lake Forest and I am so glad I did!  Within 3 days, they made my bumper on my Mercedes look perfect, very much like when I got my car.  
I am happy I went there and to top it off it only cost me $350.

Edson H. from Irvine,CA  8/30/2014 (5 stars)* Elite '14

Wow. Talk about a painless experience all the way throughout. Normally, going to the body shop is like going to the dentist for a root canal. You know it's going to suck but just hope to minimize the suck-iness and get it over with. 

A bucket fell out of a car in front of us on the road and hit my wife's front bumper. It didn't dent it but shredded the paint off. So we took it into several body shops for a quote and were shocked to find out how expensive a simple bumper repair could be. Oddly enough, another local body shop pointed me to Carsmetics when I said their prices were too high. Trusting my fellow Yelpers, I took it in and met with DAVE who was phenomenal. He gave me a very fair quote (which I agreed to accept), scheduled me to come in the next business day to get it done and he said he would have me out in 1-2 days tops.

I've had my share of run-ins with body shops -- mostly bad experiences. But wow, I took my car in on Monday morning and Dave called me Tuesday afternoon to pick up the car.

Not only did Carsmetics do an excellent job on the paint repair (blending/matching on a pearl white car was perfect) but they delivered ON TIME and the entire process was smooth as can be! When in the world does that EVER happen in the world of auto body repair?

I highly recommend this place. Talk to Dave. Tell him Edson sent you.

 Dea Lyn O. from Lake Forest, CA 6/20/2014 (5 stars)*


Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough to say to these guys for the level of service they provided to us!  They are really outstanding!  My kids and I had decided to surprise Dad for Father's Day by taking his car to be painted while he was away on a business trip.  Not only was Carsmetics polite, but their quote was the best of three that I got - the best by about HALF.  I might have been a little concerned about that - maybe they wouldn't do such a great job - but my son had Carsmetics do some work for him a few weeks before and they had done an excellent job.  So I decided to go with them.  I was SO GLAD that I did!!!  From the beginning they were nothing but polite, and treated me with outstanding customer service.  They seemed as excited as we were to be in on the "surprise", and promised they would do their best to have the car ready before my husband got back from his trip.  We dropped it off on Monday morning, and it was ready for pick up on Wednesday evening.  And the job?  Incredible!!!  They made my husband's weathered BMW look like a brand new car!  It was so beautiful!  And Carsmetics even took the time to vacuum it out so it was really nice and clean for my husband.  When he came home and saw it, he was so happy!  I would recommend anyone to go to Carsmetics for their repair and paint jobs.  They are amazing!  Thanks guys!!!

 J M.From Dana Point 8/18/2010

A few years ago we took a newer higher end car here with difficult to match paint (pearlescent white) for some out-of-pocket minor rear bumper work. They were timely, did everything they promised, and to this day, even in bright sunlight, I cannot tell where they worked. It is a flawless repair for a very reasonable price (about $300.) I'm going back to Carsmetics in Lake Forest this week with my pickup for some other out-of-pocket minor damage estimates. I'll let you know how it goes.

M.R. From Orange County, 7/30/2011

We had some damage to our driver's side mirror, namely that the mirror was broken and the mirror compartment thingy was dangling off. We randomly took it to the Lake Forest Carsmetics, who said they'd order the part and it was in the very next day! Arrived 10 minutes before closing the next day after rushing there from work and they were more than happy to accommodate us. The work took no more than 20 minutes and was reasonably priced.

L.L. From Aliso Viejo 9/7/2011

I had some minor body damage on my car and started researching different auto body shops to get some bids. Carsmetics in Lake Forest was the best in terms of the price, the turnaround time, and the guarantee of services. Carsmetics offered the best service -by the phone and in person. Overall I was very pleased with the work that they did. When I picked up my car, I noticed that it hadn't been completely buffed, but they took it and cleaned it up for me. They did a great job and I was able to save a lot of money - the next lowest bid I received was over $200 more than Carsmetics.

E.H. From Lake Forest

I was in the mountains and a friend was driving in front of me. He reversed his van and hit my Civic. My front bumper had a hole in it and needed to be replaced. I went to Carsmetics, Lake Forest, and they gave me a great quote for a "used" bumper and said if I let them know a couple days ahead of time, they could paint and install it the same day. A couple days later I made an appointment for one week later. I brought it to them and dropped it off expecting to pick it up that evening. However, around 3 they said they would be receiving the bumper the next morning and it would be ready tomorrow or the next day. I called and left a message saying that I was expecting it that day, but I needed it by 5 PM the next day. The bottom line is that it was done by 5 PM the next day and it looked great. You couldn't tell it was used and it saved my buddy a lot of money! I was disappointed about not having it the same day as I dropped it off. I thought that when I made an appointment that they would be proactive and order the bumper so it was there when I dropped off my car. I guess I should have called a couple days regardless. All in all, they were great to work with and stayed true to their quote. I felt good with their service and product. I even got a car wash too. That was a nice add-on. I feel confident with Carsmetics and will go back if I ever get backed into again.

G.M. From Lake Forest 7/29/10

Had a mishap, the dealer wanted too much to repair, did not want to turn it over to ins. co. I took it to Carsmetics in Lake Forest, Could not believe the great job they did at half the price of the dealer. I would highly recommend them.

* Source Yahoo! Local Orange County Ca and Yelp Orange County Ca.

When you’re in a car accident, your first concern is the safety of the people involved in the collision. If you are lucky enough to experience a minor accident that results in no injuries, then your next concern is your car. Surveying the damage, it is easy to start panicking, even if the damage is relatively minor: When will you find the time to have it repaired? Where will you take it? Will your insurance cover it?

Carsmetics has the answers for you. With locations in Lake Forest and Costa Mesa, California, you now have a reliable provider of express car auto body repair services. From bumper repair to paintless dent repair and traditional dent removal, Carsmetics serves customers throughout Orange County with quick, hassle-free service. Our central locations make us accessible to customers from Aliso Viejo, Dana Point, Laguna Hills, Laguna Woods, Laguna Nigel, San Juan Capistrano, Mission Viejo and beyond. 

When you’re dealing with the emotional ramifications of a car accident, however minor it may be, Carsmetics Lake Forest strives to relieve unnecessary stress from your life. You have enough to deal with. The benefits of Carsmetics are numerous and include:

• Quick, friendly service. Our job is to complete your auto body repairs quickly and thoroughly. Most of our customers can drop their cars off in the morning and pick them up after work the same day. This saves you time and the expensive overhead costs of storing your car while it is being repaired.
• Comprehensive services, including paint jobs with the renowned DuPont and 3M automotive paint products.
• Guaranteed price. We give you a free, exact quote, not an estimate, so there are no surprises when you pick up your car.

As a growing national company, Carsmetics is proud to provide our satisfaction guarantee to customers throughout Orange County and beyond. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we won’t let you drive away until you are – or you won’t pay a dime. Because we have the most capable accident repair technicians in the industry, we are confident that you will be thrilled with the results.

Open six days a week in all of our California locations, Carsmetics auto body repair shop in Lake Forest focuses on customer service and convenience, making auto body repair a fast, seamless process. Whether you get a fender bender while parking at Disneyland or the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, a dent while people-watching in Huntington Beach, or a more serious accident on the 405, Carsmetics can handle it. We’ll take care of your car in no time at all. You can breathe a sigh of relief that you no longer have to deal with slow, overpriced auto body repair. Instead, count on prompt, attentive and cost-effective car body repair services from Carsmetics.

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